The Coop is Completely Painted

We have finally finished the painting of the coop! It took longer than expected but I am so glad it is done. Painting a whole house with a toddler in tow was definitely interesting!

  • For those who know me know I am decor challenged. I have been married once before, and in the almost 10 years of marriage I never really decorated my house. Hell I never hung curtains in any house till last year. Weird I know. Not saying I didn’t have curtains, because I did. The only “curtains” I hung with my ex was a blanket over our window. Now however I am older, wiser, and ready to attempt my hand at making my house look like we actually live here and like it. Because typically me I did not take any afters before we slightly decorated Stay tuned I will definitely get those up (one day) While it may not be Joanna Gains (girl crush) I think it’s off to a good start and I cannot wait to show you our new painted slightly decorated coop!
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