All grown up

So in my last blog post I wrote how in my previous marriage and all my places after that I have never hung curtains. I know it’s still hard for me to believe that at 30 years old I didn’t have curtains. Needless to say once we bought our house I was determined to hang curtains in every window in the house!

We have been here almost a year and I can say that I finally have curtains in every window except two. One in my daughters room and one in my mom’s. I did however buy a curtain for my mom’s room she has just yet to hang it up! Do that don’t count against me right?

Now on to being a real adult.. How often do you wash your curtains? I definitely remember my mom doing this as a child maybe every few months??? After writing that I realize that I have not done mine since we moved in, guess I will add that to my ever expanding todo list.

Until next time

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