The Ugly Chicken

Here she is in all her beauty. I know most people would say how can you call this house ugly? Think about it this way, you remember on Christmas morning as a kid you were super excited to open all your gifts. If you are anything like me I always saved the prettiest wrapped ones for last. Now just imagine you picked up the professional wrapped present and it has a little weight to it so you know it cannot be clothes. You tear into it, and you find that pepto pink unicorn sweater that grandma handmade and it fits you perfectly. Yes you are thankful grandma put her blood sweat and tears, but your not being caught dread in that thing outside of the house.

From the outside pictures this house is gorgeous and what drew me in (besides the pool). The inside however was a different story all together. It was clean and we loved the layout and the kitchen, the rooms were a great size. It met almost every item on our check list. Except the previous owner was a little coo-koo. Literally and artistically speaking.

Que in the chickens in the hallway and kitchen walls.

The dead looking tree that was made of hay? Grass?

The grass mixture plastered to the wall.

Our gorgeous bathroom and a squirrel eating nuts

Master with more birds

And more birds in the living room.

Overall it is all fixable with a little elbow grease, paint, and lots of sanding. We fell in love with the house and location. We are currently making progress of making the inside our paradise until then we will live amongst the chickens. (Bad joke I know). Stay tuned for updates.

Buying Our Dream Home

Most people go into the home buying process, with the idea of what they want and/need where and how they are financing such a large purchase and most likely have some money saved….

Que Justin and I..

We have been together going on 4 years and engaged one year. We are both from small towns in the Panhandle of Florida. Over the last year or so we have talked about buying land, building etc and have even looked at one property and reached out to a friend of mine in the real estate business. But ultimately we just talked big and looked online and or a day or so and then it would be months before we brought it up again. We were currently living in a rental in Alabama about 45 mins from home paying 1250.00 a month. We went back and fourth about moving back home or staying in Alabama.

We knew that we wanted to at least be in Alabama until Shay graduated. So that meant continuing to pay high rent in a house that wasn’t really worth it, not to mention the “wonderful” landlord or to move AGAIN. Neither of those sounded like a winning combination. Justin was the main hold out on buying. He wanted to desperately  move back home and I wanted desperately  to stay in central location that made commuting to school and work as easy as possible.

Overall what made him see my view was our son’s education. And just like that we decided to buy a house in Alabama.

It all happened so fast, Monday we decided to buy a house and by Wednesday I had a real-estate agent and mortgage broker. What we did not have was any savings and a little debt. I looked at several houses while Justin was gone and of course found my dream home and Justin said no. When he finally came home we looked at 4 houses and picked the one we bought. It was not my perfect dream house and didn’t even have enough bedrooms but what it did have was the location and the pool.

Call me what ever you need to, I know my husband did when I refused to buy a house without a pool. Here in South Alabama it gets crazy hot so I knew that we would definitely get plenty of use out of it. I have to say it is the best marriage argument I have one to this date. Even my husband who was so against it swims in it more than I do.